Nurturing Love

Nurturing Love.

Love comes with no terms – it comes with no conditions
Love comes with no but(s) or maybe(s) – it has no if(s), no formulae.
Love is enduring; love wants to let it be!
Love is timeless, it’s under no watch – love’s not time’s fool
No time can take it away, if it can – you have never loved!
Love is not bound by time – love is unconditional
Not here today and gone tomorrow
Look after it well for your love to grow
Love needs to be nurtured -
Or else it will stagnate – or even hibernate
One morning you might think it too late
Assurance advises to think it not -
Love never gives up; it is an ever-fixed mark
Plan the dates to be nice, even at a price to sacrifice
Do not end the romance – use it until the end
Love acquire and love require
Love acquire trust and love require sacrifice at times even a little compromise
They say compromise is wrong
But for the right reason, compromise can be extremely strong
If I be big and strong, but have no love, I will be alone and wrong
Be it that I have might and fame, but lacks love – I’d be just a sight of shame
If I give to the poor, or give my life – without love it means none
Love is so patient and love is so kind, it is so unselfish and so very fine
It does not boast of what it’d done, it does not want the best spot in the sun
Love is righteous, truthful, bearable, believing, hopeful
Love is humble – Love is to help one that might stumble
We should have faith, we should have hope, but best of all we should have love!

Flying Up, then Down

With Shrien flying out

And coming back in

And Oscar being down

And saying he was up

And Dewani that is mental

And Pistorius’s emotions


Valentine and honeymoons

Suppose to be so special

But now the wife and girlfriend

Has gone to be celestial

Celestial beings,

Means they are now free


But the guys are still here

And with a great fear

The fear is so vast

Cause it’s a blast from their past


From Heathrow to Cape Town

And up and down

Both stand accused

But blame it on abuse

Pagan / Secular months of the year

Months of the year in the Biblical Period
Month (Numerical) Month (Biblical/ Babylonian) Secular Month Names Derived from / Meaning
First Nisan/Abib March  -  April From Latin Mars/Martius. Mars is the Roman god of war, identified as the Greek god Ares.
Second Iyyar/Ziv April – May From Latin Aprilis, Greek Aphro – short for Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty, identified with Roman goddess Venus.
Third Sivan May – June From Latin Maius/Maia, Italic goddess of spring, daughter of Faunus, wife of Vulcan.
Fourth Tammuz June – July From Latin Junius/Juno, principle goddess Roman Pantheon, goddess of marriage – well being of women. Wife/sister  of Jupiter – identified as Greek goddess Hera.
Fifth Av July – August From Latin Julius mensis (month of Julius). Previously Quintillis mensis (fifth month), but later named after himself,  Julius Caesar in 46BC when he reformed the Roman calendar.
Sixth Elul August – September From Latin Augustus mensis (month of Augustus). Previously Sextilis mensis (sixth month), but later named after himself,  Augustus Caesar when he completed the calendar reform of Julius caesar.
Seventh Tishri/Ethahim September – October From Latin Septem(seven) +”ber”. Previously had 29 days, until of Julius caesar, when it became 30 days long.
Eigth Kheshvan/Bul October – Nov From Latin Octo(eight) +”ber”. Always had 31 days.
Ninth Kislev Nov – December From Latin November. Previously had 29 days, until of Julius caesar, when it became 30 days long.
Tenth Tevet December – January From Latin Decem(ten) +”ber”. Previously had 29 days, until of Julius caesar, when it became 31 days long.
Eleventh Shebat January – February From Latin Januarius/Janus.Janus is the Roman god of gates/doorways. Added in 700BC. Previously had 29 days, until of Julius caesar, when it became 31 days long.
Twelfth Adar February – March From Latin Februarius/Februa. Februa is the Roman festival of purification.

Pagan / Secular Days of the Week

Days of the Week (Hebrew)
Hebrew Meaning Hebrew Secular Weekday Name Derived from
First day Yom Reeshone Sunday Derived from the Latin dies solis, “sun’s day,” a pagan Roman holiday.
Second day Yom Shaynee Monday Derived from the Anglo – Saxon monandaeg, which means “the moon’s day.” Latin: dies lunae, “day of the moon.”
Third day Yom Shlee´shee Tuesday Named for the Norse god of war, Tiu, or Tyr, the son of Odin.
Fourth day Yom Revee´ee Wednesday Named to honor Odin, or Woden, chief god in Norse mythology. Onsdag in Sweden and Denmark.
Fifth day Yom Khah´mee´shee Thursday Named for Thor, Norse god of thunder. Torsdag in Sweden and Denmark.
Sixth day Yom Ha´shee´shee Friday Named for the Norse goddess of love, Frigg, or Frija. Variation of the Old High German frìatag,”day of Frija.”
Rest Yom Ha’ Shabbath Saturday Named in honor of the Roman god Saturn. Latin: Saturni. Sater – daeg by the Anglo – Saxons.

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?


The voice of Cain echoes loud

And in a tone so proud;

Every time one asks this question,

But just how often do we raise this question?

Am I the one responsible?

If we are the body and He is the head

When one is weak, you should be strong

To them you shall be witnesses.

How many of us have the will,

Am I willing to be broken bread?

And poured-out wine for Him all along

Do I ask what point is this?

Or do I charge them with a bill

Be I strong or be I sad,

Or do I point out all their wrongs

And look at chances they have missed?

Am I my brother’s keeper?

Should I dry his eyes when he’s weeping?

And should I watch over him while he’s sleeping

Maybe I should be my brother’s keeper

And build our bond much more deeper

And guard him from the evil reaper.

Am I my brother’s keeper?

Through His Grace

For you can search all over from place to place

Life can chase you from maze through maze

And at any given stage

You will find his amazing grace

And your iniquity He will erase

You will feel His love even in your taste

And His warm and hearty embrace

And your heart will beat at a steady pace

Whenever you welcome Him into your space

Your heart will chase

As He leaves His holy trace

In the centre of your special place