Every day in life, we fall into the trap called “worry”

Every day in life, we fall into the trap called “worry”. We worry about many things – about what we’re going to wear, what we’re going to eat, what we’re going to do, what we’re going to become, what’s going to happen after this, how are we going to survive, what are others going to think about us, and the list goes on and on and on.
We tend to worry continuously, and our concerns revolves mostly around things that are in the past, current, and yet to occur, also note that our concerns is also mostly revolving around the physical being called me – it seems a bit strange though; how one (or many) can focus so much on the physical side of this being called “me”, and focus little on the mental (spiritual) being within me.
Many philosophers, public figures(speakers),motivational and inspirational speakers that are around in this day, age, time; tend to build their castles around the being called “me” (or “self”). They go around and give lectures, speeches, motivationals, etc.; teaching how one can improve “me” or “self” and call it self-esteem. People sitting in on these motivationals that deals with self-esteem end up being more self-focused and “worry” more about “self”. This person(s) end up looking at him/herself in the mirror speaking to him/herself; telling “self” that “I am the man” or “I am the woman” or “I am successful” or “I am beautiful” or “I am important” and the list can go on and on and on. We can dwell off the topic at hand that deals with “worry” and speak about self esteem, but for the intended purpose, let’s stay here.
My friend, it is my intention to speak on the topic “worry” – while it is man and satan`s plan to lead us into the trap of “worrying”, it is God’s intention for us to live without it. Let me introduce to YOU, my friend – there’s a man called Jesus, and He wants for us to stop focusing on the physical side of “me”. Jesus wants us to live a care-free life, seeking His Kingdom and His righteousness, so that all our needs will be taken care of. Jesus wants us to leave our worries behind, take up our cross and follow Him, far to many times too many people have turn around at the moment of surrendering his/her life to Christ pursuing His Kingdom and have fallen into this trap called “worry”. They end up resenting their self for not making the move.
My friend if this is you; please be aware that His Grace is sufficient to carry YOU through, make that decision today – live YOUR life to the Glory of God as from today, seek His Kingdom and His righteousness. Do not “worry” of:
• what you going to wear,
• what your friend or family is going to think or say;
• the road that lies ahead;
Seek His Kingdom and His righteousness, and God shall provide for the rest.
To accept Jesus as your Saviour, and seek His Kingdom, start by:
• Repenting and ask for forgiveness(admit that you are a sinner and fall short of God’s Glory)
• Believe (believe that Jesus died and was raised from the death)
• Ask Jesus to come into your heart
• Turn away from your wickedness (sin no more)
• Follow Jesus` examples (share His love, and His Message of Hope)

NB!! YOU can learn more about Jesus, His Kingdom, and His Word by reading the bible, if you don’t have one, download one for free from e- Sword.
Here are some good references as a starting point:
• John 3 v 16
• Matthew 6
• Matthew
• Mark
• Luke
• John

God Bless!

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