What Would Jesus Do?

What Would Jesus Do?

With the theme question in the back of our heads, we need to establish the difference between the two; also we need to establish the stand of Jesus during His time with us on the face of the earth.

Did He stand for religion, in other words, was He a religious person, or did He have faith, was He a spiritual person? Based on the outcome of His stand, we have to shift our focus into the right direction, because as Christians, it is our moral, ethical, spiritual, respectful and faithful responsibility that we should follow the example set by Him, we have to be like Jesus, we have to follow His ways, do what He did, and live according the example that He set for us.

When looking at His behaviour, His ways, the way He did things when He shared the earth with us in human form, these things will determines whether we should be religious or it will determines whether we should live faithfully, whether we should have either or. – If Jesus was on this earth today living in the physical form, how would He address issues, would He have been a religious person or would He live a faith filled live?

With all the propaganda happening, different doctrines being allowed in one believe system, brings up one question; what would Jesus do? For aspect in one’s spiritual life a person can ask this question and apply the answers to do as Jesus wants us to do. Also what you must remember is that you must always pray for guidance and the leadership of the Holy Spirit, another person’s writing or preaching should never just be accepted as fail proof. It is my belief that every person should study the Word of God and pray for the answers sought after.-

Jesus during His time on earth did many things with which people didn’t always agree with, He had encounters with people where He didn’t agree with what they were doing , what does this mean? Is there a legal list that one should follow, if there is; did Jesus follow this list? If He did, or even if He didn’t, are we portraying His image on Earth?

Remember, my friend, Jesus says in His Word that His Kingdom is not of this World (John 18 v 36), Jesus also say in His Word that we should not be conformed to this world (Rom 12 v 2) – should we then conform to this world`s church standards, or should we conform to His Word. In many ways, the church of today are defying the Word of God by obeying man made rules and following legal list made up by man to benefit man; Jesus during His days on Earth did not just follow the scribes and the Pharisees – many time, He went against what they stood for, we tend to sometimes look into our blinkers and follow blindly, instead of questioning and studying and praying about a certain issue, we would follow blindly.

When Jesus wasn`t satisfied with something, He made it known to them that see themselves as people in esteemed positions, if we are to follow His example, what are we to do? Should we follow blindly, or should we speak out?

We know that He healed people on the Sabbath, we know He touch the “untouchables” (lepers), sat with filth (prostitutes, tax collectors, etc.), He threw the business people out of the temple, etc. – now it’s not a matter of “what would Jesus Do? – It’s a matter of what He did and we ought to follow His example.

Here are some references to assist with this topic:

• John 18 (His Kingdom)
• Romans 12 (be not conformed to this world)
• John 5 (Healing on a Sabbath)
• Mark 14 (Leper)

To accept Jesus as your Saviour, and seek His Kingdom, start by:
• Repenting and ask for forgiveness(admit that you are a sinner and fall short of God’s Glory)
• Believe (believe that Jesus died and was raised from the death)
• Ask Jesus to come into your heart
• Turn away from your wickedness (sin no more)
• Follow Jesus` examples (share His love, and His Message of Hope)

NB!! YOU can learn more about Jesus, His Kingdom, and His Word by reading the bible, if you don’t have one, download one for free from e- Sword.
Here are some good references as a starting point:
• John 3 v 16
• Matthew 6
• Matthew
• Mark
• Luke
• John

God Bless!

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