Listen to the answer

Where ever you look, you’ll see that people are searching for answers, their world seem lost. They do not have answers to their questions, in other words; not only do they seem lost, they really are lost, little do they realise that things do not have to be like this. The answer is available if only we are to spend some time listening.
The voice of God will speak to you if you are prepared to listen to Him, but like the saying goes: the sheep will recognise the voice of his shepherd. The question remains, will you be able to distinguish between the voice of The Father in heaven and the voice of the father of all lies. We all know that the mind is the battlefield of good and evil, you have to override every evil thought during its offspring already. During the time when you override the evil thoughts, you have achieved victory, just like Jesus did when He was tested during His last of the forty days of fasting after His baptism – Jesus was and will always be victorious over Lucifer.
As Jesus was victorious over the devil, every sinner can be victorious over the devil, but yet we struggle to be. Why is it so difficult to fight the devil? The Bible says that our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against all evil spirits, now we can beat these evil spirits by putting our faith in the Lord our saviour. We must not forget to put on the armour of God (read Ephesians 6 verse11) needed to fight against satan and his army, without these armour we will lose the battle and will be thrown into the endless pit to be there for the rest of our life after this lifetime.
When God speaks, we need to listen to what He has to say, failing to listen will be the downfall. When saying listen, it`s not merely hearing, but also acting upon the spoken voice of God. Let’s take a scenario where God spoke to His people back in the Old Testament, if Noah had not listened to the Word of God (read Genesis 6), what would have happened to humanity?
Thoughts must have gone through the minds of the people living during those days that he might be crazy, because we must just bare in mind that it never rained on the earth before Noah’s ark; he had to build the ark in the middle of a desert. What if he decided not listen to God?
Think about this, when God gave instruction to His people to enter the Promised land, some of His people were scared and did not have faith, but a few. Caleb said that we could easily (read Numbers 13 verse30). Once again God spoke to His people and they would not listen, but a few, due to that few, God allowed them to enter the Promised Land.
Obedience begins with listening not merely hearing, but also acting upon God’s spoken word. In the book of Revelation (read chapter 3 verse 20), He invites us to listen to His knock at the door, all we need to do is simply to listen (act upon the spoken word). Jesus wants to enter into your heart today; you have to open the door for Him to enter so that He can come live in you.
For a better understanding of the above literature, please read:

• Genesis 6
• Epheshians 6
• Numbers 13
• Revelation 3
To accept Jesus as your Saviour, and seek His Kingdom, start by:

• Repenting and ask for forgiveness(admit that you are a sinner and fall short of God’s Glory)
• Believe (believe that Jesus died and was raised from the death)
• Ask Jesus to come into your heart
• Turn away from your wickedness (sin no more)
• Follow Jesus` examples (share His love, and His Message of Hope)

NB!! YOU can learn more about Jesus, His Kingdom, and His Word by reading the bible, if you don’t have one, download one for free from e- Sword.
Here are some good references as a starting point:
• John 3 v 16
• Matthew 6
• Matthew
• Mark
• Luke
• John

God Bless!


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