Smile at a storm

Smile at a storm

With Jesus in our boat,we can smile at any storm. God helped us through it all and he didn’t bring us here to drown, the most important thing to do now is to give God all the honour and all the praise cause he is worthy of it all.

Doubt and confusion is a product of the enemy and we ought not to give him any acknowledgment because thats what he wants. All da glory and the honour belongs to the father, I feel like saying; I see da future and God is in it, so we praise Him in advance.

When the praises goes up the blessings comes down, who said God couldn’t give us more talents, who said God couldn’t use us more? Who said that a blessing has to be financial, ever thought of receiving more spiritual blessings from our Father in heaven? In Jeremiah 29 verse 11, God says that He knows the thoughts that He has for us, He knows the outcome already, so we should just follow the lead provided by our Lord and Saviour.

He says in His Word that the sheep will recognise the voice of the shepherd, are we ready to hear and listen to the voice of our Shepherd?, or do we prefer to ignore His voice when He speaks to us? Jesus, is our Lord and our Saviour, He is our Shepherd – He wants to speak to us, do we want to hear His voice, more importantly – do we want to listen when He speaks to us?      

Where art thou?

Where art thou?

Today, we are going to look at genesis 3.In verse 1, we see the accuser in the form of the serpent addressing the woman, and the woman allowed this serpent to give her reason to doubt God’s order as he posed a “trick question” if I may say this.

In the second and third verse, she continues in conversation with him (the serpent), where she explains what was already known to the serpent.

In Verse four, he breaks down with what would ‘plant’ enough doubt in her mind, and in the same time portrays God as a liar, this respond from the serpent leads to the separation between man and God.

In the following verse, the tree received what we call a personification in terms of how it looks, how good it looked, how it is ‘desirable’ and so forth.

Then she did what caused the bridge between man and God, this is where Eve bit on the ‘bait’ put out there by the accuser, by doing this, it portrayed God as imperfect. Their ‘eyes opened’, and their purity disappeared, God wanted them to remain pure forever, but they were easily misled by the enemy. Upon them disobeying God’s only commandment at the time, they felt the need to ‘cover’ their essentials, little did they know that they did something that would change the standing between man and God.

In verse eight, nine, and ten we see that God walked in the garden to have fellowship with them just as God want to have fellowship with us today, only to find that we not in the ‘state of mind’ that God wants us to be in. We find ourselves in such a state of mind that we can’t even hear the voice of God, as He calls out to us,  “Where are you?” Just to think that God is actually calling out to us, and in search of us, how sad is it not that we are not ready when God looks for us, that we are not in our rightful place when He comes so that we can have fellowship with Him.

After the initial sin, Adam and Eve were well aware of their ‘new’ state of mind as they did not want God to see them in this ‘new’ state and they hid from God. Their innocence has been stolen from them, their eyes have opened, and they now realised and felt ashamed of what they have done.

Where art thou?

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