Smile at a storm

Smile at a storm

With Jesus in our boat,we can smile at any storm. God helped us through it all and he didn’t bring us here to drown, the most important thing to do now is to give God all the honour and all the praise cause he is worthy of it all.

Doubt and confusion is a product of the enemy and we ought not to give him any acknowledgment because thats what he wants. All da glory and the honour belongs to the father, I feel like saying; I see da future and God is in it, so we praise Him in advance.

When the praises goes up the blessings comes down, who said God couldn’t give us more talents, who said God couldn’t use us more? Who said that a blessing has to be financial, ever thought of receiving more spiritual blessings from our Father in heaven? In Jeremiah 29 verse 11, God says that He knows the thoughts that He has for us, He knows the outcome already, so we should just follow the lead provided by our Lord and Saviour.

He says in His Word that the sheep will recognise the voice of the shepherd, are we ready to hear and listen to the voice of our Shepherd?, or do we prefer to ignore His voice when He speaks to us? Jesus, is our Lord and our Saviour, He is our Shepherd – He wants to speak to us, do we want to hear His voice, more importantly – do we want to listen when He speaks to us?      

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