The Illusion of Halloween

Halloween is just like a magical scene

What the eyes see is like having an illusional dream

One should take note of what’s behind the mask

Dark and evil spirits is at the order of the task

The wolf’s bite is more severe than his actual bark

As this ignites Satan’s fire spark

Halloween is a sweet camouflage nest

It may seem like a candy floss chest

But be aware of the sweet evilness

That’s lingering around without taking a rest

Because when you don’t know, he’s at his best

As he put his soldiers to the extreme test

Halloween should not be taken light

When you look away, the enemy’s men will strike

With all his might in the darkness of the night

With fun and laughter in your sight

He attacks when the time is perfectly right

And before you know, you had been smite

Halloween is not at all good

Even when they think that it could

The enemy’s troops creates the doubt

As they walk around making noises so loud

And attacks you in the midst of the crowd

That those around you won’t even notice your shout

Halloween is pitch black dark

This is the very nature of his mark

Halloween is of the utmost evil

From the pit of hell, an extreme rebel

Please stray and pray away from Halloween

It’s a climax of an unthinkable scene


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