Does This Place Exist

Name Me A Place Where The Grace Of God Cannot Keep You,
Where Is The Place Where The Arms Of God Cannot Support You,
Does A Place Exist Where The Riches Of God Cannot Supply Your Needs,
No There Is No Place Where The Power Of God Cannot Endow You.

Name Me Such A Place Where The Spirit Of God Cannot Work Through You,
Where Is This Place Where The Wisdom Of God Cannot Teach You,
Does Such A Place Exist Where The Army Of God Cannot Protect You,
No There Is No Such Place Where The Hands Of God Cannot Mould You.

Just Where Can The Love Of God Not Enfold You,
Just Tell Me Where Can The Mercies Of God Not Sustain You,
I Need To Know Where Can The Peace Of God Not Calm Your Fears,
I Know Not Where The Authority Of God Cannot Overrule For You, Cause His Power Is Omnipotent.

The Comfort Of God Can Dry Your Tears Anytime, Anywhere,
The Word Of God Can Feed You Whenever, Wherever You Want,
The Miracles Of God Can Be Done For You If Only You Believe,
The Omnipresence Of God Can Always Find You, No Matter Where You Find You.


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