Through the valley of death

Name me a place Oh Lord,

Show me a way, point me to the way oh God,

Where is the place where your grace cannot be my Holy One?

Your omnipresence speaks it all loud and clear

Oh Lord, No boundaries can tie you down,

No space or place or time, nor sound,

You are endless beyond measure and fear

Your Omnipotence is complete,

No power can compete nor can any succeed

Even if I walk through the valley of death,

I will fear no evil, thou art with me;

The will thy have for me will be trusted upon for me to see

Thou shepherd’s rod, thy shepherd’s staff comforts me.

And breaks me free but through it all with me are thee

Even in the presence of the enemy, the presence of the darkness,

In the absence of all purity in my life, you are the LIGHT.

I can delight myself in you oh mighty one,

When days were dark, you were never gone.

Where to can I ever flee from your presence?

Not to the heavens, you are there, nor to the depths you are there!

You were never gone, you were always here

You are always here, you are never gone

Your Grace will protect in every place

No place on the face that You cannot trace

No trace in the space that You cannot place

This is the beauty of Your will and loving Grace.


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