Politics in Glitch and Glamour

Fancy cars they have for those that’s near and those afar
When they come and when they go,
The unions, the workers, we all go slow.
It comes from him, it comes from her,
It comes from us, it comes from them.

What does this have to do with the Caesar?
All I say; it has everything to do with the Caesar.
Use it wise, not spent across.
Their families fly and their families spent,
Our families die and our families end.
With them on the tax, with them on the money,
Does it mean they can use it to the max?

Houses, why have two, while others have none.
Semester here, half year there, two quarters here,
Semi of it there. Is this yours or is it my fare?
Do they pay, do they even care?

With all the glitch and glamour here,
How will it now in Pretoria appear?
Things have changed, for the good I hope,
Or am I living in a daily soap?
Less tax money, no more milk and honey.


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