My madam supreme

She is my beautiful mighty strong Spanish queen

One of the most willful I’ve ever seen

At times she reveals the green-eyed monster

Her introverted thoughtfulness and analytical view of the world

Sometimes creates a feeling that she is a distant girl

In her mind, one can sense a deeper thought

And this is because she is my promise of God

She’s my heroine, a perfect portrait of a lady

The one who carried my loving baby

She has this heart that recklessly good

And privately she’s consecrated to deeper truths

She’s openly and hopelessly devoted to God

While she has this unexplainable love for sport

Her activities differs vastly from period to time

She’s not one to be found in the light of the lime

In her class she’s mighty and rules with a spear

At home her downfall is the call of her ear

My love has this deep inner need to be quiet

And shows this big smile when being admired

Sometimes I refer to her as madam supreme

But know that she is my beautiful mighty and strong queen


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