As Time Goes By

The Sun Is Shining So High And So Bright,

He Is Arising When It Is Still Night,

The Nights Are Now Shorter,

And The Days Are Now Longer,

As Time Goes By,

We Grow Older And Stronger*

Months Have A Way Of Ticking A – Way,

They Always Go Bye,

They Are Never Year To Stay,

When You Open Your Eyes,

A Week Has Past,

The Beginning Of One Is The End Of The Last*

When The Leaves Start To Fall

Than You Know It Is Here,

The Blue Skies Are Gone ,

And None Of It Is Clear,

And The Wind Starts To Blow ,

Things Start To Change

And Soon You’ll See-Seasons Rearanged*

The Sun Is On Leave

And Replaced By The Rain,

When He Gets Insane,

He Calls Mrs Hail,

Instead Of Them Blushing,

People Turn Out Pale*

With Snow That Didn`T Come This Year,

With All Expectations-

It Might Come The Next,

A Wind As Small As Strong As A Gale-

Its Less Than A One On The Scale


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