What Is It Like To Die?

I Wonder What Is It Like To Die,

I Can Imagine The Last Few Minutes.

Some People Arent Ready So They Cry,

Others Love Family’s Last Visit,

Prepare Yourself For This*

How Will It Be For Me,

Will I Be At Ease

Will I Have Peace?

Will I Be Ready,

Humming Or Singing A Melody.

Would I Still Want To Write

Or Would I Put Up A Fight,

What Will The Last Minutes Be Like?*

I Dont Want To Imagine ,

Coming To The Gates Of Heaven,

Being Shown Away,

Cause The Path I’ve Gone Astray,

To God I Pray To Make A Way,

A Child Of His I Long To Stay.

That I May Live And Not To Die,

Repent My Sin And Not To Fry,

What Is It Like To Die?


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