Pride gets in the way

Its a cold winters night,

And i have a long road home,

As the clouds pull together tight

The rain just start to fall.

To my rescue is a longst lost friend that i once had

He pulled up just in front of me few steps away.

Couple of months ago we had this fight,

So long before this winter night.

We haven`t made amends just yet,

Is this the chance? Went through my mind,

But when i saw her sitting there,

I couldn`t help to walk away

Few weeks have past and he`s now gone,

Will never see his face again.

He passed away, and left behind.

I have to live with this resent

As on that day he reached to me

Why did i let pride rule my life.

Will i ever forgive myself,

Or will i be to proud for that ?


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