As Typhoon Haiyan Hits

As the typhoon Haiyan hits back in the Philippines

I don’t know how to describes these hectic scenes

It reminds the globe of two thousand and four

When the Tsunami came to take away scores


Like a tsunami

She came to destroy with a big wave

Be wary in Vietnam!

Be on alert and please be safe


As a gashing speeding wind of three one three k’s

Rushed through this place

What could they do?


In searching of missing loved ones and stuff

One could just sense the deep heart ache and loss

The smell of the dead seems to travel at high

I can’t think right now, weighed down by the cries


While queuing and waiting for water and rice

I saw all I could see in their eyes

But all I could there, was standing in awe


The bodies were flowing and scenes disarray

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