Re-post of Once Upon a Cross

My Hands I Wash In Inno Cents
The Rules That Is Was To Be Bent
The Cross He Bear To Sin Nowhere
The Nails He Felt The Pain That Melt
The Spear That Hit His Flesh So Sore
Is That Worse Than The Crown He Wore

The Vin-I-Ger He Had To Drink
So Sour, I Couldn`t Even Think
His Flesh That’s Torn A – part
This Could Only Break The Father`S Heart
All These Things His Mother Saw
He Shouts Out Like A Lion`S Raw

My God Why Have Thine Forsaken Me
He Thought Of You And Of Me
The Darkness Filled The Earth So Wide
The Curtain Tore And Fell Aside
Then They Realized The Mistake
By Now, It`S All – Ready To Late

Upon A Cross Hang A Bod
Behold He Is The Son Of God

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