Like a man eating shark

At the break of twelve november

We are reminded about this plight

As this day comes into sight

Do not forget to put on a fight

Stand up together and unite

As the number one killer of kids takes a bite

And attacks like a man eating shark

When pneumonia strikes and takes a gnaw

At little children, like a dog without a bark

Demarcate the zone of safety

Like the lifeguard “on duty”

And may parents be more alert

As the warning flags waves high

At the sight of little pilot fish

And the children becomes flu-ish or cold-ish

Dad of modern medicine named it captain of the men of death

Lets fight the captain at our best

Stand up and live a life of no regret



From The Very First Minute,

I Felt The Life,

Could Feel Him Jive.

I Simply Cannot Explain

To Someone Not Yet Through Such Pain.

The Grieve I Now Feel,

Like – Will It Ever Heel?

We’ve Bonded Well

And Fell In Love,

The Question Now

I’ve Got To Ask.

Can I Ever Forget,

Will I Ever Again?

Not First Time Around,

Maybe The Next,

Though Not The Same.

Every One’s – Unique,

No Two A Like.

Please Let Me Keep

For The Last-

Time Is So Quick,

Now You Feel Me-

Now I Am Not.

We ought to be

The world will lead us all astray,

If we follow their wicked ways,

Of their method of dressing

And doings of the strangest things

We ought to take heed

Of what the word of the high reads,

Take note of His instruction,

And so also avoid all major destruction

To this world, we should not conform,

A difference  we ought to be

Need to be calmness to the storm.

And have our love to show.

What if, he wants us to hear

But we are stuck with fear

And if he wants us to believe

But we just cant preceive

What if we waste to much time

And its worth more than a dime

The hedge

Sitting and watching and looking to see,

what’s happening  over the hedge,

thats facing me.

have got this all figured out,

but cannot quite say,

could be a ditch, might be a pit.

So deep and so wide you can hardly believe.

what will it be like on the other side,

Will i have to  run and would i have to hide,

or will God say well done my son,

That is something i so badly want,

to be with Him on the other side

Pride gets in the way

Its a cold winters night,

And i have a long road home,

As the clouds pull together tight

The rain just start to fall.

To my rescue is a longst lost friend that i once had

He pulled up just in front of me few steps away.

Couple of months ago we had this fight,

So long before this winter night.

We haven`t made amends just yet,

Is this the chance? Went through my mind,

But when i saw her sitting there,

I couldn`t help to walk away

Few weeks have past and he`s now gone,

Will never see his face again.

He passed away, and left behind.

I have to live with this resent

As on that day he reached to me

Why did i let pride rule my life.

Will i ever forgive myself,

Or will i be to proud for that ?

Victims of this villain

Forty knots an hour,

Blowing across the mind of the innocent child,

She became the victim of what is called the world,

She wasn’t even given a chance to live her life as we did then,

Life is being lived so fast, you know it happened, just not when,

I hate the idea that introduced this thing

Seem so harmless, but it has a sting

Poor young children, victims of this villain

This had changed the way some talk

And even the way some walk

It used to be with heads up high

Now not even hello, good bye

Sleepless nights,constant fights

Marriages crumbles, families stumble,

When will it end, is a thing i wonder?

How will we calm this storm

Stop right now and let all be warned

Delete the icon, and be safe from morons

His fight for you

My tears, my mind, my heart, I cry

When I think how He had to die

My wrong, my will, my sin, I know,

The reason for His blood to flow

His pain, the cross, His death, the grave

A man, a king, the Lord that saved

So pure His ways, so pure His prayers, so pure His life

To be like Him we need to strive

With His life that paid to set us free,

On the cross He died for me

The Ransom Sheep on hill of heads

Marks the place where His blood was shed

He lived, He died and paid the price

And as He promised, He would rise

He rised, He lived just as He said

This is the part that makes us glad

The Lord himself had fought for you

This is to show His love is true.

Fifth of the great November

Oh well, it’s that time of the year

The English around bonfire with a beer

I don’t understand it, it neither’s nor clear

All I say is oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

Celebrations on this day,

Should it be banned?

I don’t know, but I’m not a great fan

It’s all about the fire work night clang

Again I say oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

It’s the fifth of November

And it’s Guy Fawkes Day

When the poor animals are in complete disarray

The dogs, the children, they live in fear

They are so scared, but nobody hear

Poor pets are running and hiding away

And this is a portray of absolute dismay

The Children are crying

At the sound of the firing

Remember; remember do you remember

The fifth of the great November

Hectic weekend, was it not?

Hectic weekend, was it not?

From US, Arabia, Brazil, to Bangkok

A woman arrested for driving a car

Trying to safe the life of her Pappa

A ferry that’s sinking in the land of the Thai

When tourist were traveling on the Sunday

A Buss that’s falling off the road, 100 feet

And survivors were treat…

And then were discharged.

A Woman in Saudi may not be a drive

Even when meaning to saving a life

Women in Kuwaiti have far more rights

Cause they have permission to join in the fight

When traveling on ferries

Make sure it is not daring

With too many people on the transport

You may just be forced to jump over the board

A bus driver also needs his good rest

Without it, he’s not at his ultimate best

When taking the bend and taking abyss

And driver is tired, it is a great risk

With all this in mind and the weekend is gone

We know there’s a time for death and a time to be born

It is so sad for those who’ve moved on

I pray for the families to stay strong

May God be with them to carry them through

Even when family are cut and are Hew

Just know that His mercies are every day new.

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