Number our days

Strength will bring eighty weighty years to wait upon us

Even though the days of our lives are seventy years, just

Teach us to number our days

And give us a heart of wisdom we pray

You are my sanctuary and my fort;

I rest under your wings oh Lord

The horror by night shall not stroke me,

The arrow by day will not spike thee

A thousand to my left may fall

And ten thousand by right

In the heat of the brawl

And pestilences in sight

No evil, no plagues will come near to you

Devastations and arrows will all be miscued

Your eyes shall see the reward of the impious

They stand in fear and are anxious

His guardian angels take charge over you; they stand up for you,

Not to dash your foot against a rock or a few

Upon the lion and the cobra you shall trample

Because of your love he will deliver you on ample

Because you know his name

A long life and salvation will be yours to claim!

Selah, think about it

In the shadow of a Giant

A tribute to Baby Jake Matlala


As the world stands in mourns

And as his life’s walk adjourns

After the setting of his sun

We bow our heads in awe

And say ‘goodbye’ with deep heart sore


But during this desperation

We focused on all his stations

That grabbed the eyes of all the nations


And we missed the sad ‘goodbye’

Of another boxer guy

The weighty champion of the fly


It seems he was a shadow

It seems Baby Jake was a skim

Of the greater scheme


He followed right behind him,

But no-one saw him

He walked right beside him

But no-one noticed him

He followed ever so quietly

Therefore no-one heard him


The great respect that he’s worthy of

Comes from those that’s closer off

As we say ‘goodbye’ to Baby Jake

He went in the shadow of a heavy weight

The return of the prodigal son

The story goes like this;

He was the boy who wanted “mine” and

Ended up next to the swine


Piteous, I realise I was becoming a loser, but

Reasonably he saw me coming from afar ….furthermore

Opened arms as I was yet coming nearer more

Daddy was coming en route to me

I was so close to him, right there, I was set free

Grievingly I was living closer to the swine,

And closer to tasteless horrible wines

Lacking, I was so far away from him and yet so close.


Sincerely I was received with a ring, and

Ordering a feast as I was received, by father

Not all received me well, some were jealous while others quell

Farewell Tata Madiba

At ninety five we say goodbye

With heartfelt pain and miserable sigh

Not because we don’t want to let you go

But you will be missed for sure

You lived your life, but you did not yet

Sixty seven you gave away

This is the number of your days

That you were willing to let go

To fight hard for your people so

You had this huge fortitude

 Of forgiveness and forgo

I guess you realized this long ago

But now its time to rest at best

We bid a fare well to you

And hope you rest in peace and zest

 You sacrificed your family time

And always seemed to smile a dime

This had been a long walk sir

Now we wave you on your way

To freedom you have finally found

For those left behind, we will pray

Viva, amandla!

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Repost of The Sweetheart of Qunu

In less than one month, time will take him past ninety 94,
But right now the world waits together in awe
As the sweetheart of Qunu lays in infirmary so weak,
So humble in unity, together lays and kneel the meek.
Seeking and asking and praying they speak
For him to gain strength and health and return home after weeks
The sadness, the anger, the frustration, the fear,
Is this a sign that his end is near?
The rainbow, the nation, the nobel, the peace and the prize,
Will another like him arise to be as wise?
We cannot expect that he live forever,
Even the great men who endeavor…
Have to say ‘goodbye’ one time or another,
and make way for another brother to be discovered!

Farewell to Paul

We say ‘good-bye’ to Fast-and-Furious’ Paul

You will surely be missed by us all

You reached out to those in need

And death reached out to you in speed

Like James Dean, you’re a beloved star

And with both your lives ending in German cars

You were in cars known to be very fast


It’s time to say ‘good-bye’ latter day

Even to a saint so dear one may

Forever on this earth we cannot stay

But Reach Out World Wide I pray

Your faith was based on a solid rock

Santa Clarita is your last resting spot

We hold thumbs as we pray

Sincere for your dear Meadow Rain

As she goes through this heart ache and pain

Her lost is huge

And it’s no stooge

As the death of this great white

Were not in sight

It came without any warning

And leaves her now in a state of mourning

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