Hoping for a moment to last

If a moment could last, would it be a moment?
If an hour should pass, it doesn’t mean it’s the last!
When a year goes by, do we say good bye
Sometimes we don’t cry, cause we’re a little shy
When we pull off the masks, what will they ask
At times we frown, even when not down
We go up hill saying,  peace be still

It may feel that you can’t cope,
But don’t you forget there’s always hope

Hope to go on, and hope to continue
Hope to fulfill and hope to make new
Hope in a moment may turn to trust
But hope in a while might just last
Hope in a minute may turn to faith
But when you have hope in any state, its just great

So if you have a moment, have a moment of hope,
If you have hope, share a little hope for a moment

God’s Grace

In the definition of God’s GRACE
We will notice that it’s for every RACE
Whether your the jack or the ACE
In it you’ll find that CE (Christ Endured)
So that we can have life Everlasting

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