Biblical Days/Months

Months of the year in the Biblical Period
Month (Numerical) Month (Biblical/ Babylonian) Seq
First Nisan/Abib(March-April) 1
Second Iyyar/Ziv(April-May) 2
Third Sivan (May-June) 3
Fourth Tammuz (June-July) 4
Fifth Av (Jul-Aug) 5
Sixth Elul (Aug-Sep) 6
Seventh Tishri/Ethahim(Sep-Oct) 7
Eigth Kheshvan/Bul(Oct-Nov) 8
Ninth Kislev(Nov-Dec) 9
Tenth Tevet(Dec-Jan) 10
Eleventh Shebat(Jan-Feb) 11
Twelfth Adar (Feb-Mar) 12
Days of the Week (Hebrew)
Weekday Name Hebrew  Hebrew Meaning
Sunday Yom Reeshone First day
Monday Yom Shaynee Second day
Tuesday Yom Shlee´shee Third day
Wednesday Yom Revee´ee Fourth day
Thursday Yom Khah´mee´shee Fifth day
Friday Yom Ha´shee´shee Sixth day
Saturday Yom Ha’ Shabbath Rest

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