God’s Grace

In the definition of God’s GRACE
We will notice that it’s for every RACE
Whether your the jack or the ACE
In it you’ll find that CE (Christ Endured)
So that we can have life Everlasting


Number just how many we are here, set them up and begin to count

Understand that it started at Sinai – the mount

Men and women and boys and girls, set them up and count them all

Bəmidbar is where you’re at, Bəmidbar is who we are

Enter in the Promised Land, as this is where you have been sent

Reuben led 603 thousand men, from various clans, all foes and friends

Send the spies into the land, but wait till the new ones is at hand


Like the gatekeepers,  Israel have law-keepers to oversee,

Everyone in the Jewish community have 613 to decree

Vile attempts to remain clean and pure

In that Satan lies in lure

Tempting all in dire straights

Influencing how they do and think and fall

Christ has come to free us all

Under the yoke we ain’t no more

Saving us, Him we shall adore!


Exit out of the place where we were held captive, and sing songs of praise

Xenophobia acts were performed by Pharaoh and the people of this place,

Oh, how great and mighty are you Lord to lead us out,

During our struggle, during our exodus, you were always near and about

Use us oh lord, use us for your work away from the Nile

Steer us towards your priesthood oh God and make us docile!


Generally in the beginning of a story, one wants to anticipate what happens next, (but)

Endurance is what will take you there, (while)

Not knowing what happens next, keeps you on the edge,

Elements of the story leads you to a clearer understanding, (and the)

Secondary issues builds your comprehension leading to higher ground (but),

Indications of the next moves is a revelation in the current, (while)

Suspension builds as the following speaks of the exit from the Nile!

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