What we want

Some things we get easy,

And others we have to fight for,

If the latter we appreciate it more.


We can’t always get what we want,

We might think we deserve to,

But we can’t always get the bigger part.


Just hang in there, just hold on tight,

Not always easy, don’t give up the fight,

Fight for what’s right and with all might,

Just hang in there, the end is in sight.


Nobody said the road will be easy,

Nobody promised it to be the best,

And what if it was,

Where would be the test?


Tests and Trials are there for us to bear,

And bear in mind,

Nobody said it would be fair. 


Just hang in, just hold on and just trust in His time.


What Is It Like To Die?

I Wonder What Is It Like To Die,

I Can Imagine The Last Few Minutes.

Some People Arent Ready So They Cry,

Others Love Family’s Last Visit,

Prepare Yourself For This*

How Will It Be For Me,

Will I Be At Ease

Will I Have Peace?

Will I Be Ready,

Humming Or Singing A Melody.

Would I Still Want To Write

Or Would I Put Up A Fight,

What Will The Last Minutes Be Like?*

I Dont Want To Imagine ,

Coming To The Gates Of Heaven,

Being Shown Away,

Cause The Path I’ve Gone Astray,

To God I Pray To Make A Way,

A Child Of His I Long To Stay.

That I May Live And Not To Die,

Repent My Sin And Not To Fry,

What Is It Like To Die?

Sound of thunder

When you’re staring brutality in the face
It brings a feeling of sadness and disgrace
How one can just take the life of another one
Some even do it just for the fun
In my mind I cannot play the event over again
I try and fill the shoes of the one filled with hatred and sin
Anger is the terrible thing in him
Blinded he stares the victim in the windows of his soul
Iris to eye they finally met so cold
Fear in the one iris while the eye of the other
Is overwhelmed with blindness
The question awakes and speaks in my head
How can one to this to his son?
As their eyes meet, their souls opened up
The killing of his boy
Brings to him a sick kind of joy!
The sound of thunder scares him more
But it’s the sound of thunder that wakes him
And thank heavens it was a really really bad dream

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