I lay my head down

Where do I lay my head down tonight?

Will we have a pillow fight?

Do i go down or give it all my might?

Or do i walk away and out of sight?


Fight all you have to, but don’t you bite!

They will try and give you a fright,

But keep your friends close and enemies in sight.

Stick together from dusk till the break of light


Healing our human nation

On the first day of December we have marked this day to remember

To light up our candles and lead the way

From all four corners of the globe and wearing red ribbons on our robes

A small price as a token of awareness to pay

To take care of our loved ones remembering the frail and the sick branch

And helping and getting some more time we pray

For we are as the weakest link

If they can’t get help, they’ll drag us to sink

Hence the need to stop and think

Let’s love one another and care for your brother

We should reach out and help and humble the self

Like He gave water to the dead ones and health to the leper

He reached out to the needy and healed the broken hearted

He graced us with His love

He loves us with His grace

This is the example that we have to follow

For those who follow, we have to be this example

If we can do this daily, it will aid with the ailing

Of our human nation on our earthly station

Like a man eating shark

At the break of twelve november

We are reminded about this plight

As this day comes into sight

Do not forget to put on a fight

Stand up together and unite

As the number one killer of kids takes a bite

And attacks like a man eating shark

When pneumonia strikes and takes a gnaw

At little children, like a dog without a bark

Demarcate the zone of safety

Like the lifeguard “on duty”

And may parents be more alert

As the warning flags waves high

At the sight of little pilot fish

And the children becomes flu-ish or cold-ish

Dad of modern medicine named it captain of the men of death

Lets fight the captain at our best

Stand up and live a life of no regret


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