Cops identify 11 kids playing Blue Whale game

PANCHKULA: Eleven kids, including seven in Chandigarh and four in Panchkula, who were playing Blue Whale game, have been identified by cops. The minors were at the different stages of the game.
Panchkula commissioner of police (CP) A S Chawla said that all phones have been been taken from the identified kids and the cyber cell has found ‘Trojan’ virus among three other games with different names in their phones.
“Identity of the kids cannot be revealed at this moment keeping in mind the sensitivity of the case,” said the Chawla.

All you need to know: What is Blue Whale challenge
The top cop also said that they have sensitized the schools and an advisory for schools in this regard would also be issued by them by the evening.
Karan Thakur, 16, a class X student and a resident of Sector-4, Panchkula, had committed suicide+ by hanging self at his house allegedly following Blue Whale game on Saturday.
During Karan’s mobile investigation, cyber cell discovered that Karan had deleted all the data of his phone and “we are trying to recover that data”, Chawla added.

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From a kennel to life

Slow Down Fast

Let’s slow down for a while,
Get out the car and walk the mile.
For some this means erasing that smile, 
And just the thought of this could turn them vile.

Do we even cry out enough 
Or have this world become so tough,
We often forget we have to show love 
Or even that we need strength from up above

Sometimes we go way to fast 
But just how long will our strength last
Do we ever learn from our past,

Slow down…

It’s time we stop and break down our gasps


Slow down and rest you must 
Slow down you’ve been going too fast 
Slow down now won’t you at last 
Slow down and learn from the past

How Do You Breathe

The Mere Existence Of Me

 Allows My Lungs To Breathe The Air

Imagine Breathing Without Air

Who Can Make You Pay For Air

While It’s A God Given Share,

 This Cannot Be Sold

For All The Might

 Nor For All The Gold*

 This God Given Share Of Yours,

Fills The Lungs And Pumps The Blood,

God Has Given This Amazing Grace

See How This Breathe Runs The Race

Through Your Body At High A Pace

To reach the veins in every place.


From The Very First Minute,

I Felt The Life,

Could Feel Him Jive.

I Simply Cannot Explain

To Someone Not Yet Through Such Pain.

The Grieve I Now Feel,

Like – Will It Ever Heel?

We’ve Bonded Well

And Fell In Love,

The Question Now

I’ve Got To Ask.

Can I Ever Forget,

Will I Ever Again?

Not First Time Around,

Maybe The Next,

Though Not The Same.

Every One’s – Unique,

No Two A Like.

Please Let Me Keep

For The Last-

Time Is So Quick,

Now You Feel Me-

Now I Am Not.

Not to Compromise

Weird is it not?
I find myself in a place where I absolutely don’t belong!
Looking around me,
It is evident that this is not my type of song.
Drinks in all forms and types walks pass me as I sit at the entrance of the function presenting itself here tonight,
Can this be true, can this be right?
Is it a matter of mind over matter or light in sight?
The word of the eve
For me is not to compromise,
Because that’s where a huge problem lies!

With the compromise of one thing,
You present the other as king.
My plight is not to let my king down,
But it is also not to sit all night with a frown.
My soul purpose is to live my life
For the One that made me and gave me life eternally,
The One who gave so that I could receive,
I pray that by this all will receive
And believe,
All will perceive
And achieve –
His spirit and undeserving favour bestowed upon all.
Though unusual circumstances, I’m still able to achieve!

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