Break Away From Complacency

It Is At That Time When One Are Being Admired,
One Should Stand Up and Not Just Accept,
And Do Something to Adapt,
Get Out Of the Condition One Find Oneself In,
Whether One Be a Her, Or Be a Him,
Move Away From the Complacency,
And Look At Your Spot in the Hierarchy,
Things Will Not Change If You Do Not Change,
So Look at One’s Life and Re – Arrange,
Re – Arrange Where Needs To Be Done,
And Also Make Some Place for A Little More Fun,
You Should Also Not Overdo,
When It Comes To the Things You Do,

Always Be the Best at What You Do,
Don’t Allow the Past to Just Hunt You,
Break Away From the Cycle That Runs Through,
The Family in Which These Things Occurs,
Doesn’t Matter if there’s Rumours,
Even the Ones Close by Will Stir,
About You Being Higher Than the Rest,
As Long As You Know What Is Best,
Just Be Sure To Pass the Test,
People May Start To Talk,
You Just Walk the Straight Walk,
Even Though Some Would Treat You as a Dog,
No Fingers Can Be Shown,
No One Would Get You Down,
Some Would Want To Give You a Crown
Others Would Want To Throw a Stone,
Many Would Moan and Groan,
One Thing You Know, You’ll Never Be Alone

At Some Time in One’s Life,
One Have To Dream and Strive,
But It Does Not Have To End There,
And Some May Even Say, Life’s not Fair,
Good Things Does Not Always Come To Those Who Wait,
Let’s Just Get One Thing Very Straight,
Some Would Wait For All of There Life,
While Another Would Duck and Dive,
Cause Life May Just Throw One a Curve Ball,
And If Not Duck, One Might Just Fall,
That Is Just How These Things Are,
It Might Just Leave You with a Scar,
So Get Right Up and Break Away,
Otherwise, Complacency’s Here To Stay,
Lets Work Towards That Dream of Yours,
Don’t Just Lie Down, Get Off The Floor!

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