I lay my head down

Where do I lay my head down tonight?

Will we have a pillow fight?

Do i go down or give it all my might?

Or do i walk away and out of sight?


Fight all you have to, but don’t you bite!

They will try and give you a fright,

But keep your friends close and enemies in sight.

Stick together from dusk till the break of light



State of Proudly South Africa?

Why so disruptive?
Is this the country where we live?

Will he pay back the money?
For his Nkandla of milk and honey?

Whose the speakers?
What do they know?
Is this how we will grow?

They make our country look bad
And this is something very sad.

With guns blazing in parly
They kicked out Julius Marley
Who are these people
Shouting honourable loudly
What happened to South Africa’s proudly

The world looked upon us
We’ve become laughing stock
A fighting democracy!
A fighting country!

South African SONA 2014

What will zuma bring to the table, 
Will he say that we are able?
Or that the economy is stable?
This year in parliament
Will it be blessings, Or lament?
Help us get through this again,
As they our taxes spend
As we wait for the state of the Nation Address
We wait and hear the head of congress.
His face seem so stressed, 
As he’s led us into economic distress.
They sing him praise right to his face,
But I just wish they’d cut to the chase.

Banana republic or what?

With eyes on our country

Let’s vote in the monkeys

Like banana republic,

He does it again

First with the arms deal

And now it’s Nkandla

All zuma’s scandals before the ELECTION


But he’s got a small puppy that continues to bark

And Makes statements from out of the dark

I shudder to think of watch dog mantashe

He’s like j-z’s very own talashe

But let them beware, just ask mr gwe- there

What they do here’s

Clearly not clear


With no education

They run this rainbow nation

From one tree to one tree

He continues to mimic Mugabe

The one from Harare

No one can (re)move him, but fair is not fair

Farewell Tata Madiba

At ninety five we say goodbye

With heartfelt pain and miserable sigh

Not because we don’t want to let you go

But you will be missed for sure

You lived your life, but you did not yet

Sixty seven you gave away

This is the number of your days

That you were willing to let go

To fight hard for your people so

You had this huge fortitude

 Of forgiveness and forgo

I guess you realized this long ago

But now its time to rest at best

We bid a fare well to you

And hope you rest in peace and zest

 You sacrificed your family time

And always seemed to smile a dime

This had been a long walk sir

Now we wave you on your way

To freedom you have finally found

For those left behind, we will pray

Viva, amandla!

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Repost of The Sweetheart of Qunu

In less than one month, time will take him past ninety 94,
But right now the world waits together in awe
As the sweetheart of Qunu lays in infirmary so weak,
So humble in unity, together lays and kneel the meek.
Seeking and asking and praying they speak
For him to gain strength and health and return home after weeks
The sadness, the anger, the frustration, the fear,
Is this a sign that his end is near?
The rainbow, the nation, the nobel, the peace and the prize,
Will another like him arise to be as wise?
We cannot expect that he live forever,
Even the great men who endeavor…
Have to say ‘goodbye’ one time or another,
and make way for another brother to be discovered!

Tokyo Terror in New York


Life is haunting you my friend

As you set your feet on US land

You looked around and looked ahead

And they saw you as a threat


Your name remains on the ‘wanted’ scroll

Even though this scroll is very old

seems to be like a blast from your past

When you were among the ‘terror’ class


This is such a shameful amiss

That They still see him as a terrorist

Even when Bush signed the bill

To clear the list and make it null

Some appear to be on it still







Far Beyond And Beneath

I Find It Extremely Bizarre

How A President Can Go So Far

To Make A Statement Like He Did

This Goes Far Beyond And Beneath

The Speech Written Down To Read


He Is Exalting J.H.B

At The Cost Of Mocking Malawi

When This Guy Come Out To Speak

The Comics Stand Ready For Amiss

With Him, They Don’t Need To Dig

Their Work Is Ready On A List


Advisors’ Throwing Fires Dead

While He’s Just Going On Instead

Let’s Pray He Does Not Lead

Our Country Of The Bridge

It Is Soon Our Next Election

Hope And Pray He’s Not Next On

Cry our beloved country

Cry our beloved country,
Cry out for the Beloved daughter of Africa,
You’re turning your back and things go wrong.

Beloved song of Africa, where did we miss a note
With this state of the nation, how will we cast the next vote?
We’re moving from riches and glory to filth and no guts
It’s becoming a matter of losing the trust.

In the system we fought for, we find only weakness,
As the links in lead have no space for meekness
A country with riches is now a country with a serious illness
We’re coming from top, moving down fast
How long will this sickness really last?

In our country, we’ve become so accustomed to his sona record,
All we hear is big ideas, little detail and we see no action.
This can surely not lead to satisfaction?

We have youth plans, health plans, e-toll plans, devil-lopment plans,
This plan, that plan, in the end it’s just like sand.
Like sand through the hour glass, time is running out,
It’s running out on these plans, quickly without a doubt.

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