This Is For You God.


Praise god.
Lord you know my faith for you is strong.
I grow stronger into your network, as I age.
All the weakness I have means nothing, when I think about you.
The most almight of beings.
God you kept me going strong through this disastrous period in my life.
I know my love will grow stronger for you, with ever passing moment.

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Sound of thunder

When you’re staring brutality in the face
It brings a feeling of sadness and disgrace
How one can just take the life of another one
Some even do it just for the fun
In my mind I cannot play the event over again
I try and fill the shoes of the one filled with hatred and sin
Anger is the terrible thing in him
Blinded he stares the victim in the windows of his soul
Iris to eye they finally met so cold
Fear in the one iris while the eye of the other
Is overwhelmed with blindness
The question awakes and speaks in my head
How can one to this to his son?
As their eyes meet, their souls opened up
The killing of his boy
Brings to him a sick kind of joy!
The sound of thunder scares him more
But it’s the sound of thunder that wakes him
And thank heavens it was a really really bad dream

Nurturing Love

Love comes with no terms – it comes with no conditions
Love comes with no but(s) or maybe(s) – it has no if(s), no formulae.
Love is enduring; love wants to let it be!
Love is timeless, it’s under no watch – love’s not time’s fool
No time can take it away, if it can – you have never loved!
Love is not bound by time – love is unconditional
Not here today and gone tomorrow
Look after it well for your love to grow
Love needs to be nurtured –
Or else it will stagnate – or even hibernate
One morning you might think it too late
Assurance advises to think it not –
Love never gives up; it is an ever-fixed mark
Plan the dates to be nice, even at a price to sacrifice
Do not end the romance – use it until the end
Love acquire and love require
Love acquire trust and love require sacrifice at times even a little compromise
They say compromise is wrong
But for the right reason, compromise can be extremely strong
If I be big and strong, but have no love, I will be alone and wrong
Be it that I have might and fame, but lacks love – I’d be just a sight of shame
If I give to the poor, or give my life – without love it means none
Love is so patient and love is so kind, it is so unselfish and so very fine
It does not boast of what it’d done, it does not want the best spot in the sun
Love is righteous, truthful, bearable, believing, hopeful
Love is humble – Love is to help one that might stumble
We should have faith, we should have hope, but best of all we should have love!

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