As Time Goes By

The Sun Is Shining So High And So Bright,

He Is Arising When It Is Still Night,

The Nights Are Now Shorter,

And The Days Are Now Longer,

As Time Goes By,

We Grow Older And Stronger*

Months Have A Way Of Ticking A – Way,

They Always Go Bye,

They Are Never Year To Stay,

When You Open Your Eyes,

A Week Has Past,

The Beginning Of One Is The End Of The Last*

When The Leaves Start To Fall

Than You Know It Is Here,

The Blue Skies Are Gone ,

And None Of It Is Clear,

And The Wind Starts To Blow ,

Things Start To Change

And Soon You’ll See-Seasons Rearanged*

The Sun Is On Leave

And Replaced By The Rain,

When He Gets Insane,

He Calls Mrs Hail,

Instead Of Them Blushing,

People Turn Out Pale*

With Snow That Didn`T Come This Year,

With All Expectations-

It Might Come The Next,

A Wind As Small As Strong As A Gale-

Its Less Than A One On The Scale

Tokyo Terror in New York


Life is haunting you my friend

As you set your feet on US land

You looked around and looked ahead

And they saw you as a threat


Your name remains on the ‘wanted’ scroll

Even though this scroll is very old

seems to be like a blast from your past

When you were among the ‘terror’ class


This is such a shameful amiss

That They still see him as a terrorist

Even when Bush signed the bill

To clear the list and make it null

Some appear to be on it still







Far Beyond And Beneath

I Find It Extremely Bizarre

How A President Can Go So Far

To Make A Statement Like He Did

This Goes Far Beyond And Beneath

The Speech Written Down To Read


He Is Exalting J.H.B

At The Cost Of Mocking Malawi

When This Guy Come Out To Speak

The Comics Stand Ready For Amiss

With Him, They Don’t Need To Dig

Their Work Is Ready On A List


Advisors’ Throwing Fires Dead

While He’s Just Going On Instead

Let’s Pray He Does Not Lead

Our Country Of The Bridge

It Is Soon Our Next Election

Hope And Pray He’s Not Next On

How do we love?

In our lifetime, how do we love

When we deal with millions of people for various reasons,

What loyalty do we show to the almighty ?

Do we even say what we ought to say?

We ought to be living for the glory of our creator

Mothers of this world, fathers of this world,

Parents of this world, Have we moved our treasures

That’s not of this world away from our hearts

Do you feel in your hearts the treasures are still there?

Or do you scare, do you feel this fear?

Please make sure they are always near

Or how do we love?

When chasing after treasures,

Not knowing they are there,

Not knowing if they’re near,

Not knowing where they are

How do we love when chasing after treasures,

Or do we chase treasure made by immortal hand?

Stay true to who you are

Saying a little can be saying a lot

You shouldn’t be who you are not

You shouldn’t be who they want you to be

Just be you and you’ll be free

They just want to see what you’ve got

When people put you right on the spot


Don’t you try and blend right in

Don’t forget where you have been

Don’t let your standards go

Do not go with the flow?


If you are found in the midst of a crowd

Do you know your place, or are you loud

Just stay true to who you are

Don’t compromise and move afar

Don’t you fake it, just be real

Even if it seems small a deal


You should stand out in the crowd

You should say it loud, but don’t you shout

You should state the good and not the dirt

You should let your voice be heard

My madam supreme

She is my beautiful mighty strong Spanish queen

One of the most willful I’ve ever seen

At times she reveals the green-eyed monster

Her introverted thoughtfulness and analytical view of the world

Sometimes creates a feeling that she is a distant girl

In her mind, one can sense a deeper thought

And this is because she is my promise of God

She’s my heroine, a perfect portrait of a lady

The one who carried my loving baby

She has this heart that recklessly good

And privately she’s consecrated to deeper truths

She’s openly and hopelessly devoted to God

While she has this unexplainable love for sport

Her activities differs vastly from period to time

She’s not one to be found in the light of the lime

In her class she’s mighty and rules with a spear

At home her downfall is the call of her ear

My love has this deep inner need to be quiet

And shows this big smile when being admired

Sometimes I refer to her as madam supreme

But know that she is my beautiful mighty and strong queen

Fighting Darkness in the Silence

Silence is a killer when it comes to ones ears,

Silence is just bad when you have nothing else to hear,

Silence is a danger when you have a sense of fear,

Silence is annoying oh dear oh dear oh dear!

Silence is so loud when you have nothing else to hear,

Silence is nothing but an absolute spear,

Silence is important when hunting for a deer,

Is silence dear when you’re feeling a sense of fear?

Silence is but a mere when darkness in your rear

Darkness is a menace when you close your eyes

Darkness is calling when you face life’s trials

Darkness takes over just after one lies

Darkness is evil oh my oh my oh my

Darkness is so bright when you stare the sun in the eye

Darkness is when you’re so low you but think you are high

Darkness has no importance when you dwell in the light

Is darkness real when under the enemy’s might?

Darkness will silently go when in constant prayer and a righteous fight

Politics in Glitch and Glamour

Fancy cars they have for those that’s near and those afar
When they come and when they go,
The unions, the workers, we all go slow.
It comes from him, it comes from her,
It comes from us, it comes from them.

What does this have to do with the Caesar?
All I say; it has everything to do with the Caesar.
Use it wise, not spent across.
Their families fly and their families spent,
Our families die and our families end.
With them on the tax, with them on the money,
Does it mean they can use it to the max?

Houses, why have two, while others have none.
Semester here, half year there, two quarters here,
Semi of it there. Is this yours or is it my fare?
Do they pay, do they even care?

With all the glitch and glamour here,
How will it now in Pretoria appear?
Things have changed, for the good I hope,
Or am I living in a daily soap?
Less tax money, no more milk and honey.

Through the valley of death

Name me a place Oh Lord,

Show me a way, point me to the way oh God,

Where is the place where your grace cannot be my Holy One?

Your omnipresence speaks it all loud and clear

Oh Lord, No boundaries can tie you down,

No space or place or time, nor sound,

You are endless beyond measure and fear

Your Omnipotence is complete,

No power can compete nor can any succeed

Even if I walk through the valley of death,

I will fear no evil, thou art with me;

The will thy have for me will be trusted upon for me to see

Thou shepherd’s rod, thy shepherd’s staff comforts me.

And breaks me free but through it all with me are thee

Even in the presence of the enemy, the presence of the darkness,

In the absence of all purity in my life, you are the LIGHT.

I can delight myself in you oh mighty one,

When days were dark, you were never gone.

Where to can I ever flee from your presence?

Not to the heavens, you are there, nor to the depths you are there!

You were never gone, you were always here

You are always here, you are never gone

Your Grace will protect in every place

No place on the face that You cannot trace

No trace in the space that You cannot place

This is the beauty of Your will and loving Grace.

Does This Place Exist

Name Me A Place Where The Grace Of God Cannot Keep You,
Where Is The Place Where The Arms Of God Cannot Support You,
Does A Place Exist Where The Riches Of God Cannot Supply Your Needs,
No There Is No Place Where The Power Of God Cannot Endow You.

Name Me Such A Place Where The Spirit Of God Cannot Work Through You,
Where Is This Place Where The Wisdom Of God Cannot Teach You,
Does Such A Place Exist Where The Army Of God Cannot Protect You,
No There Is No Such Place Where The Hands Of God Cannot Mould You.

Just Where Can The Love Of God Not Enfold You,
Just Tell Me Where Can The Mercies Of God Not Sustain You,
I Need To Know Where Can The Peace Of God Not Calm Your Fears,
I Know Not Where The Authority Of God Cannot Overrule For You, Cause His Power Is Omnipotent.

The Comfort Of God Can Dry Your Tears Anytime, Anywhere,
The Word Of God Can Feed You Whenever, Wherever You Want,
The Miracles Of God Can Be Done For You If Only You Believe,
The Omnipresence Of God Can Always Find You, No Matter Where You Find You.

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