Not to Compromise

Weird is it not?
I find myself in a place where I absolutely don’t belong!
Looking around me,
It is evident that this is not my type of song.
Drinks in all forms and types walks pass me as I sit at the entrance of the function presenting itself here tonight,
Can this be true, can this be right?
Is it a matter of mind over matter or light in sight?
The word of the eve
For me is not to compromise,
Because that’s where a huge problem lies!

With the compromise of one thing,
You present the other as king.
My plight is not to let my king down,
But it is also not to sit all night with a frown.
My soul purpose is to live my life
For the One that made me and gave me life eternally,
The One who gave so that I could receive,
I pray that by this all will receive
And believe,
All will perceive
And achieve –
His spirit and undeserving favour bestowed upon all.
Though unusual circumstances, I’m still able to achieve!

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