Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?


The voice of Cain echoes loud

And in a tone so proud;

Every time one asks this question,

But just how often do we raise this question?

Am I the one responsible?

If we are the body and He is the head

When one is weak, you should be strong

To them you shall be witnesses.

How many of us have the will,

Am I willing to be broken bread?

And poured-out wine for Him all along

Do I ask what point is this?

Or do I charge them with a bill

Be I strong or be I sad,

Or do I point out all their wrongs

And look at chances they have missed?

Am I my brother’s keeper?

Should I dry his eyes when he’s weeping?

And should I watch over him while he’s sleeping

Maybe I should be my brother’s keeper

And build our bond much more deeper

And guard him from the evil reaper.

Am I my brother’s keeper?

Through His Grace

For you can search all over from place to place

Life can chase you from maze through maze

And at any given stage

You will find his amazing grace

And your iniquity He will erase

You will feel His love even in your taste

And His warm and hearty embrace

And your heart will beat at a steady pace

Whenever you welcome Him into your space

Your heart will chase

As He leaves His holy trace

In the centre of your special place

My Anchor Holds

My Ship Is Sinking, I’m Going Down.

The Wind Is Going From East To West,

Like Men In Fear You Hear The Sounds.

What To Do Next, Who Knows Best*

Every One They Seemed So Lost In The Cabin,

Do Any One Of Them Know About Heaven.

 Yet I Sit  E’ Day With My Bible,

Didn’t Share With Them-

Am I Now Liable?*

The Last Of The Hour Had Come,

No More Life Boats Besides This One.

And My anchor holds

Bombarded By The Darkness

As I’m Lying Here In The Room

Bombarded By The Darkness,

The Shallow Recess Allows The External Factors,

To Come Into Our Apartment Through The Niche,

A Comparative Darkness In The Shape Of The Tree,

Outside My Window Peeps Through The Window And Cause A Shadow*

Yet Inside The Apartment,

The Sound Of The Computer

Kept On Running Around And Filling The Room,

Chasing The Silence Away,

And Causing A Sensation To Stay,

Its Dark All Over

How Do You Breathe

The Mere Existence Of Me

 Allows My Lungs To Breathe The Air

Imagine Breathing Without Air

Who Can Make You Pay For Air

While It’s A God Given Share,

 This Cannot Be Sold

For All The Might

 Nor For All The Gold*

 This God Given Share Of Yours,

Fills The Lungs And Pumps The Blood,

God Has Given This Amazing Grace

See How This Breathe Runs The Race

Through Your Body At High A Pace

To reach the veins in every place.

24 Years ago!

24 years ago. Who can forget this day?
Waiting for a man who knows about forgiveness even when in dismay
After 27 years, he is for given for being four hours late on this specific date
As he struggled to fix SA’s dire straits not forgotten, but forgiven for their past mistakes
He raised his right(s) hand in salute to the people who awaits
This marks an era to freedom without a pass
Gone are the days of the dompass from the past
Some waited for Six hours, others for longer
He devoted six decades and seven years more and it made him stranger.

I wish the African national’s top six can learn from this man

He believed in; “together we stand”
But divided they are now falling
And soon the Congress will start mourning
Four years times five marks the years that democracy is alive
Was not easy, nor without strive
Long live the giants of MK, long the freedom of this day!

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